Irena's influential work is prolific in the world of skincare research, product innovation, and protocol development, which created the groundwork for the core scientific principles behind Evoté. A prominent and highly respected instructor at UCLA Extension Cosmetic Sciences program and around the globe, Irena has educated thousands on the latest in skincare innovation and discovery of cosmetic ingredients for more than two decades. Her husband Nik James is President and Chairman of YG Laboratories, a private label skincare manufacturer and developer, and Co-founder of esteemed Evoté. As a third-generation entrepreneur in the beauty industry, Nik has keen insight into all aspects of skincare manufacturing, development and research and is son to one of the world’s most prominent award-winning cosmetic ingredient experts and published skin care researcher, Rebecca Gadberry. Evoté fiercely challenges the status quo of anti-aging with their EVO-lutionary elements designed to affect the very future of our skin.